I was raised with inclusivity in all of its forms to be of paramount importance, and I've been told by those closest to me (as well as clients) that my super power is how comfortable people feel in my presence. While your Vogue cover debut hasn't happened yet, I'm hands on ensuring you look and feel your best. My focus is deep rooted on creating an experience that feels easy for you. "I can't believe how amazing we look. Are we actual supermodels?" -You after you see your wedding photos.

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's no surprise that there are a plethora of talented & experienced photographers all eager to document your day. Throw my name in the hat, and if you vibe with natural, true-to-color, authentic, and candid moments, then you've met your match. With over a decade of experience photographing couples, families, and events, I've come to love intimate non-traditional weddings. I proudly celebrate all love.

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Growing up, I was the girl who couldn’t stand to see somebody eating alone. Being the proud daughter of a gay man in the South gave me a front row seat to the realities of a society that didn’t embrace inclusivity. This produced in me a blend of compassion, sass and a unique ability to read the room. I talk freely and proudly of my family and unique upbringing with immense gratitude, and credit my deep love of people and wit for it. With that said, this story isn't about me. The story we're going to tell together is about you, your unique and special connection, hopefully the best party you've ever attended, and the magic of all your dearests gathering together on one monumental day to celebrate your love. 

Meet Caroline

DENVER wedding photographer

Our story starts in Greece through mutual friends, but an in person introduction wasn't until a couple of years later at a Red Rocks concert. Our mutual love of saxophone and dance vibes (thanks GRIZ) made it impossible to keep our hands off each other...destiny at it's finest. We have the kind of love that makes the storybooks jealous, which sounds cliche, but in our case really is true. We're proud parents to an extra large German Shepherd named Jax and have found that our special sauce as a couple, is our ability to be happy together whether we're simply sitting on the couch or globe trotting around this wild planet.

Currently we're reliving the magic from our recent dream wedding in Cabo, watching lots of cooking shows, planning road trips, renovating our guest house and becoming Airbnb hosts, cooking all the spicy foods, going to concerts, traveling wherever and as often as we can, hosting dinner nights with friends, and spending quality time with our people and each other.

Life With My Husband

Years before Scott came into the picture and after a heartbreak that many of us have all experienced, I was determined to live single off the grid and in the mountains away from civilization with nothing but a guard dog to keep me protected. Okay I'm being dramatic, but I wanted a companion and knew a German Shepherd would do the trick. I became a dog mom to Jax. We moved to Colorado & little did either of us know the magical life that was ahead. During the highest of highs and lowest of lows, Jax has been a constant in my life. He sleeps in everyday like a teenager on summer vacation without a worry in the world. Don’t ever tell him he’s a dog, it’ll absolutely break his heart. 

Our highlights from the past year include upgrading to a king size bed so we all have more sleeping room, taking Jax on a road trip to San Diego to show him the ocean for the first time, winning doggy daycare halloween costume contest as Jenny & Forest Gump, and playing lots of fetch followed by clothing-optional sunbathing.

My First Love

Scenes From Our Life

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Behind the Scenes with Caroline

Courtney M.

We are able to relive the most precious day for us as a couple through Caroline’s beautiful imagery that she so eloquently documented. Her photography is unassuming, candid & the way she captures genuine moments was what we loved about her photos from the start. She captures the feeling you never want to forget, and does it beautifully. What caught my attention was how well she interacted with our families and guests - she made everyone so comfortable.  Thank you does not encompass the emotions she has brought to the surface each time I look at the photos, but it's all I have to offer. Her talent is artistically transcending and surpassed any expectations we had for photography.

"She captures the feeling you never want to forget."

Nora + Colby

Engaging Caroline for our wedding was the easiest & best decision we made. She works in a way that leaves us camera shy folks feeling confident and might I say posh?! What we appreciated most was how she made us feel. Both of us felt semi-nervous when initially thinking of being in front of a camera. After our engagement session, we knew choosing Caroline as our photographer was the best decision we could have made. She gave us all the direction we needed & our photos looked natural, relaxed, and not stiff or cheesy. Caroline makes the process fun & enjoyable from start to finish.

"What we appreciated most was how she made us feel."

Brian L.

We loved working with Caroline. She knows what she’s doing, her photos captured our day and all of the details perfectly, she's also funny as hell. Caroline feels more like a friend than she does a wedding vendor. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and does it in the most natural effortless way.

"She knows how to make you feel comfortable in the most natural, effortless way."

casey A.

Caroline was recommended to us by a friend. After meeting her, we knew she was the one. We adored her style & appreciated the fact she had diversity in her portfolio. Her personality is what we fell in love with & further solidified why we chose her to document our day. She worked with us on timelines, finding & securing our vendor team, and made it a point to truly get to know us & our families. Caroline was truly the full package & turned into a quick friend from the second we met with her. She's a true artist, and every bit of spunk and fun!

"We will forever cherish our photos."

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