Caroline's photography is pure artistry. She captures moments in an artful, natural way & has a personality that instantly puts you at ease. 

-Eli & Jane



"Documenting the beauty of love stories, cherisheD AND CELEBRATED THROUGH THE LENS OF TIME."

am a people-person at heart. Since early on when I was a kid, no one has ever felt like a stranger. Growing up and being the proud daughter of a gay man in the South gave me a front row seat to the realities of a society that didn't embrace inclusivity. This produced in me a blend of compassion and a unique ability to read the room. It has translated into who I am as a photographer.

My career in photography began nearly a decade ago assisting some of the top wedding photographers in the industry. After further developing my knowledge and craft, I jumped head first into growing and evolving my business. 

From the vibrant rainforests of Hawaii to the serene mountains of Colorado and the sun-drenched beaches of Cabo, every corner of the world has unveiled a unique love story I've been honored to capture.

My approach focuses on creating meaningful interactions and ultimately producing natural, honest, and artful imagery that feels captivating and timeless.  

I am based in Denver, Colorado and travel worldwide.  

Caroline Brackney


A firecracker of passion, igniting the world with artful imagery. Always learning, always exploring, and constantly yearning for new horizons. 

Celebrating the beauty of life, art, and love. I'm most inspired by genuine moments and photography that tells a story.


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